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Taking a pee just
got competitive

PeeProTM is designed to challenge and reward
those lucky enough to pee standing up.

About the PEEPRO

With its compact design, advanced floating technology, LCD counter, and target sensor capable of registering the score from the weakest of players, competitive sport has a new name.

For those not worthy of the challenge, a barrage of insulting taunts awaits.

Taking a pee
just got competitive.

How To

  1. Stick the double-sided tape to the back of the clip.
  2. Get your hands into a pair of gloves. Clean and dry the surface of the urinal or toilet where you want to affix the PeeProTM.
  3. Ensure PeeProTM is at your preferred height before pressing firmly.
  4. Don’t flush or use the PeeProTM for 20 minutes.
  5. Place the PeeProTM carefully into clip to activate.
  6. Get hydrated, aim, and take your best shot.


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